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Imagine being surrounded by a group of colleagues who work side-by-side in unity, who are driven and passionate professionals, on whom you can place your utmost trust for unconditional support, and who all ultimately share the same team spirit and goal – to take pride in contributing to the greatness of our institution by bringing a positive change to the betterment of the community that we serve.

CEL is vibrant financial institution which is on a journey to achieve new heights for success and on the brink for rapid expansion. Established nearly two decades ago, CEL has undergone impressive development thanks to its valuable Human Capital asset. Indeed, its people are the key to its ongoing corporate growth and wealth creation. That means having determined, dedicated employees with vision and imagination. CEL attracts the very best individuals, rewarding them with great career opportunities and sharing with them its core values of realizing possibilities, achieving progress and building trust.

CEL is constantly reviewing its structures and manpower requirements as its business expands, thereby giving rise to a number of job opportunities. At CEL, prospective employee will become part of a heritage of great achievement with a future of even greater promise. The career opportunities offered by CEL are opened for: internships, higher school leavers, fresh graduates and experienced professionals from various disciplines including security, cashiers, human resource, financial management, information technology, legal and compliance, audit and operations management.

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CEL carries on the rich legacy of creating great talent by promoting the proper working culture conducive for personal development, by being supportive for self-learning, by offering higher level exciting opportunities, which altogether results in unlocking employees potential for career advancement.

CEL has since long anchored to the human resources strategies of attracting the best applicants, recruiting the finest candidates, retaining its performing employees and motivating its talented staff. To achieve this goal,CEL has an extraordinary work environment by adopting the following ‘principles of excellence’ to become an Employer of Choice.

  • Equal Opportunity - CEL is an equal opportunity employer and as such does not discriminate against nor favours any applicant or employee on the basis of religion, social origin, political affiliation and sex for selection and career advancement purposes.
  • Positive Recognition – In addition to a fair pay and other rewards, CEL make its employees feel valued and to experience more self-worth by getting due recognition for work well done.
  • Appropriate Work–Life balance – CEL endorses the work-life concept with the highest importance to ensure the prevalence of a healthy work environment by helping to reduce stress, to prevent burnout and to allow its employees to enjoy a minimal amount of socialization. Thus, CEL understands that its employees will be vital and energetic at work as a result of a balanced life and therefore give them the opportunity to refresh and renew.
  • Career advancement - CEL wants its talented workforce to stay for their entire careers by giving them a clear path to promotions, regular and fair evaluations, training for new skills and a mentoring program. CEL acknowledges that learning is at the centre of employee development. Employees can grow and achieve their career aspirations through on-the-job training, mentoring/coaching, self-directed learning, and pursuit of further studies.
  • Performance focus and leadership support – CEL encouraged innovation, creative thinking, focus and performance amongst employees and they are also challenged to step outside their comfort zone and to take on leadership roles
  • Open communication – CEL foster open communication wherein all parties is able to express ideas to one another, and that they feel they were heard. CEL strongly refrain all forms of negative communication.

CEL recognizes that claiming to be an Employer of Choice is an easy task but to actually fulfil the corresponding ‘principles of excellence’ at all times is the most difficult undertaking. It means that CEL has to take an honest look at its current workforce and it means acknowledging some difficult truths and making internal changes.


Creating a better future together with your future

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CEL is flattered by your interest in its institution and it hopes that you will find a position matching your qualifications and interests. Together, we are embarked on a mission to change the world for the betterment by being a financial services provider of excellence. Below you will find the different openings that CEL offers at the moment.

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If you have not found any exciting positionwithin our current vacancy list above and if you are still interested in CEL as a potential employer, you are invited to proactively send your resume using our below online application portal at any time of your convenience so that CEL can keep you in mind for upcoming positions. Truly, there will be several openings at CEL, in different areas, in the future. Get involved, you are needed.

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