Customers Corner

Customer Pledges

We made a promise to our customers to put them first in everything we do.

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We are dedicated to going the extra mile to ensure our customers' experiences are great, every time. At CEL, we work to provide innovative customer experiences that deliver friendly and convenient services to you — we understand how busy your life is and work to find ways to make things faster and easier for you.

At CEL, when we say we are here for you, we mean it. It is not just words, it is a goal at our very core, guided by our promises that are outlined in our Customer Pledges for all to see. These are promises we have formulated by speaking to customers like you and commitments that we will put in practice for customers like you.

Below are our 10 pledges to our customers, which will ensure that we achieve our aim of bringing a smile to our customers for each interaction with us. We will use these pledges to hold ourselves accountable, and we would also encourage you to hold us accountable to them too.

  1. The BEST Exchange rate
    ‘The BEST Exchange Rates’ is not just its sweet-sounding slogan but CEL’s commitment to offer its customers with the most competitive pricing, by undertaking to match or beat the rates proposed by other regulated operators.
  2. Widest range of traded currencies
    CEL carries out dealings in all major currencies and by virtue of its relentless aspiration to become the most innovative and dynamic currency exchange operator in the industry, CELshall not hesitate to pioneer the introduction of other tradable currencies in the future for the ultimate benefit and satisfaction of its customers.
  3. Highest stock of currency inventories
    CEL maintains adequate level of currency inventories to ensure the execution of all proposed currency exchange transactions to the exact needs of the customers. Even in the rarest situation where we are unable to meet your currency needs on the spot, we undertake to provide with privileged services of currency reservation and to promptly revert upon the currency availability.
  4. Quality banknotes delivery
    CEL delivers only good quality banknotes to its customers as part of any currency exchange transactions. Verily, CEL has in place mechanisms that includes regular research to proactively identify the introduction of new series of currencies, the cessation of obsolete currencies and the detection of ‘unacceptable’ currencies so that its customers are tendered with such notes which shall not cause them any sort of inconvenience during subsequent uses/ exchanges.
  5. Prompt processing of transactions
    CEL highly values the busy time of our customers and in effect, CEL undertakes ongoing investment into its infrastructure and resources to ensure that its operational process are streamlined, top-notch technologies are deployed for swift validation on IT systems and its front liners are adequately trained with strong focus on customer care for the ultimate objective of minimising the waiting time and to ensure that transaction is processed within minutes. CEL intends to introduce a new queue busting program in its busiest branches to ensure that every available member of staff is out serving the customers during busy periods.
  6. Making currency exchange and money transfers Easy
    The ‘ease of access’ promise is aimed at ensuring close customer proximity by striving to extend a network of CEL’s branches scattered across the island and situated at prime locations in all major city centres. The ‘ease of convenience’ promise focuses of frequent upgrade to our branches to ensure a spacious and welcoming interior design so that our valued customers feel more comfortable and relaxed. The ‘ease of service’ promise relates to CEL’s ongoing endeavor to make its busiest branches remaining open for extended business hours on a 7-days-per-week basis.
  7. Welcoming and responsive communication program
    CEL lays strong emphasis on its commitment of listening to all customers with a caring demeanor. Whenever our customers visit us or phone us, our employees are cultured and groomed to greet you or answer your phone call in a polite, professional and friendly manner by upholding a smiling, helpful, positive, professional outlook and attitude. CEL undertakes to answer all call as quickly as possible, and take the responsibility for any follow up actions if any.

    CEL dispenses its client-facing employees with appropriate training so that they can provide knowledgeable answers in plain and simple language. CEL actively seeks your thoughts and solicits your feedback by way of customer suggestion survey so that it can improve its services and become more helpful in the future. Yet, CEL recognizes that on remote occasions, it may not satisfy the needs or meet expectations of its aggrieved customers and in effect, CEL undertakes to resolve any reported customer complaints fairly, consistently and promptly.
  8. Security
    CEL carefully chooses such strategic location, having nearby parking facilities and situated along main busy business centres, to accommodate its branches in order to dampen so that the security risks associated with burglary and related mishap. In addition, the branches of CEL are consistently evaluated in terms of security risk assessment and subsequently upgraded with rigorous physical safeguards measures to make our valued customers feel safer and are actually protected when carrying out transactions with CEL.
  9. Confidentiality
    In addition to its statutory obligation to observe full confidentiality, CEL utterly respects and is unconditionally committed to put in place all necessary measures and controls to protect the personal information of all its customers. CEL pledges that it will safeguard the personal information of its customers and allow it to be used only for the purpose it was given to it and as required by law.
  10. Fair and transparent dealing
    CEL pledges to treat every single customer with respect, fairness, dignity, and non discrimination in terms of offered pricing and delivered services. CEL concedes that customers have become smarter, more well-informed and are quick to perceive if they are being cheated. CEL’s success therefore rides on building trust and confidence with the customer by ensuring that it consistently applies sound business ethics in all customer dealings. CEL does neither practice nor encourages any sort of exaggerations, over-promise, false undertaking, and overselling tactics to its customers.

    By virtue of its adopted Code of Conduct, CEL’s customers are comforted that no personnel shall take unfair advantage of CEL's customers through manipulating, concealment, abuse of privileged information, misrepresentation of material facts or any other unfair dealing practice. By adhering to all relevant laws, regulations and best practices, including good governance requirements, governing its activities, CEL’s clients are always guaranteed with a quality service with the highest ethical standards and with fair dealings assurance.

Customer Awareness

Greater awareness brings more wisdom and widens the window of choices for better decision and best results

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CEL brings its contribution to the work of the central bank as its regulator which is aimed at promoting financial literacy and education in order to ensure the stability, soundness and the smooth running of the financial system. Hence, the initiative of CEL to create public awareness and to give more publicity to KYC matters is aligned with the central bank’s policy on Financial Education.

In light of an increasingly complex financial environment with greater focus on compliance requirements, CEL welcomes and endorses the urge for informing and educating customers on financial issues and conditions that may adversely affect the material well-being of customers. CEL pledges that its services should be enjoyed to the fullest possible by any person desirous to undertake legitimate transactions with CEL.

The objective of CEL’s KYC awareness program is to ensure that no common man, who lack financial knowledge or skills to make wise financial decisions, should either fall prey to financial scams or should be deprived of CEL’s foreign exchange services to his detriment. In the connection, members of the public and customers of CEL are requested to refer to the educative notice, within the pdf file titled KYC Brochure in order to familiarise themselves with the overriding objective of CEL KYC procedures.

KYC Brochure

Customer Complaints

We help our customers to be part of the solution and do not view them as part of the problem

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In the present scenario of stressful competitive environment within the financial services industry, excellence in customer service is the most important tool to sustain the business growth and attract new business. At CEL, customer service and customer satisfaction will be the prime concern. Customer complaints are a part of the business of any corporate entity. CEL not only believes that providing prompt and efficient service is essential but also recognizes the right of its customers to complain and indeed welcomes their complaints as a valuable form of feedback to improve its services.

In the light thereof, CEL has adopted a Customer Complaints Policy with the embodied requirements that all customer complaints and grievances are reviewed and timely responded. CEL is fully aware that customer dissatisfaction could severely damage its corporate image and repute. CEL's policy on complaints resolution is based on:

  • Customer complaints are recognized as a tool to address shortcomings, if any.
  • Customers are treated fairly and to the highest professional standards at all times.
  • Complaints raised by customers are dealt efficiently and with utmost courtesy.
  • Customers are fully informed of avenues to escalate their complaints/grievances within the institution and their rights to alternative remedy, if they are not fully satisfied with the response of CEL to their complaints.
  • The employees of CEL must work in good faith and without prejudice to the interests of the customer to minimize complaints.

If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our service and wish to make a complaint, we would be happy to hear from you. Your opinion matters and what you have to say, will help us improve our services. In the connection, you are requested to refer to the below-posted pdf file titled Customer Complaints Policy for the purpose of guiding you in reporting a complaint and also to take stock of the detailed complaint resolution procedures of CEL.

Customer Complaints Policy

Customer Experience

Our most unhappy customers are our greatest source of inspiration to attain a service of excellenc

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Customer Survey

We serve a customer to come back again and not to make a customer to retain

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CEL recognizes that Customer Service and satisfaction is critical to the success of its business by being a customer-centric financial institution. Thus, at the heart of all that CEL does is our mission to bless each and every customer. This means that we are committed to giving you the most competitive services and valuable support that you are looking for as part of any of your currency exchange or funds transfer services needs.

We thank you for availing the foreign exchange services of CEL and to give us the opportunity to serve you better. We would be much obliged if you could spare a few minutes from your valuable time and to complete the below survey in a bid to help us in identifying our areas of improvement. Kindly be informed that the information supplied by you shall be treated as strictly confidential. You may therefore rest assured that all of your personal particulars and provided feedback shall not be disclosed to any other person and that the only details that shall be released as part of this survey are broad aggregated statistics.

How long have you been using our services.

What are our services do you regularly use.

How often do you avail our services.

In meeting our customer pledges in practice, how do you rate us. ( 0/20)

1. Consistently benefiting from most competitive rates

2. Offering the widest range of tradable currencies

3. Constantly meeting your exact foreign exchange needs

4. Overall satisfaction for delivery of quality banknotes

5. Prompt processing of any foreign exchange transaction

6. Guaranty over correct amount of payout or funds credit over bank account for any availed services

7. Minimal waiting time before being attended/served

8. Enjoying close proximity to any one of our branches

9. Our extended business hours suits your time convenience

10. Our officers welcomed you with a smile and in friendly manner

11. Our officers were able to communicate to you in a clear, polite and simple language

12. Our officers were courteous, helpful and attentive in understanding your needs

13. Our officers are knowledgeable and well trained on our services offered

14. Our officers were interested in serving you in a timely manner

15. Assurance over the level of security controls at branches for protection against mishap

16. The spaciousness, neatness, health and safety standards of our branches are commendable

17. Adequate comfort that all financial transactions/ provided personal data shall be kept confidential

18. Having reasonable trust to be treated with respect, fairness and dignity for any availed services

19. The level of KYC documents/ information requested are not overly excessive relative to industry practices

20. The intensity and scope of customer follow-ups for additional documents/ information are appropriate